Marketing For Interior Designers – Why have an “As Seen On” page?

As we discussed in brief in the article “thoughts on marketing for small interior design businesses,” having an “As Seen On” (or “as featured on”) page is an essential marketing strategy.

But what exactly is an “As Seen On” page? How do you compile one? And why is it so important?

What is it?

What are we talking about here? (And more importantly, what are we NOT talking about)

We are certainly not talking about anything fake, for example fake reviews on Google, which will only come back around to bite you.

We are talking about reaching out – to your customers, your business partners, and the media – about your business and being featured in articles and on websites.

When we say “media” we mean anyone who is publishing content. Youtubers, bloggers, local newspapers and magazines, industry news websites, and anyone else who will tell your story. Specifically, you want to talk to those who are talking about interior design.

When you are featured, make a page on your own website (with a link or image/text about where you were featured) showing that you were mentioned. (Alternatively, besides showing it on a website, you can show a printout to customers, or post it on social media, or your email signature, etc.)

How to get featured?

All the strategies for reaching out and getting featured can not be covered here.

But one simple strategy to implement is: raving reviews from delighted customers  help you get media features, media features help you get more/ more valuable customers.

So, whenever anyone talks about you make sure you have a record of it as evidence.

Ask your clients for written feedback about your work for them, and then use it (with permission) for testimonials. Post these testimonials all over your website; Use them in your emails, postcards, everywhere.

Ask delighted customers to review you on google, yelp, and other places.

When you reach out to the “media” be sure to use this evidence from your customers as supporting evidence to convince them of your newsworthiness.

Why do I need it?

In a word: Google.

Google treats links from the “media” to your website as “votes” for your website (this is a basic of SEO).

Besides Google, you will want actual people to see your features too; this includes past and potential customers, partners, and any media outlets you reach out to in the future.

Letting them know you’re famous will boost your credibility and open up future opportunities.

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